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Discover Why You Should Let Your Current Copywriter Go…

Discover Why You Should Let Your Current Copywriter Go

If you are reading this post, perhaps you’re starting to have some doubts…inside…

“No creative organization will produce a great body of work unless it is led by a formidable individual”-David Ogilvy.

So, basically they suck. Period.

Unless mediocre success is what you are after.

Life is too short for mediocre success.

You can have more, spend more, inspire more, help more, and live a BIG FAT GREAT life!

Imagine all the probability of you RETIRE in Bali RIGHT NOW with your family and dogs. Lovely sun-kissed skin, under the palm tree, drinking Piña colada.

Great isn’t it?

It is not impossible in this era to retire at an early stage of life or succeeded at a young age. The truth is, internet has made lots of billionaire in Indonesia.

By 2018, digital marketers has contributed for billionaires more than ever before.

So, who is making it impossible?

Your current copywriter.

By the time you’re reading this. Guess what?

It turns out that your COMPETITOR is retiring for Bali all day onward and here you are, just dreaming about it!

Copy-writing is a very powerful tool, yet people still delegating it, to the wrong person.

No wonder, you don’t succeed just yet.

You haven’t taste the power of copy-writing.

You are being skeptical to me up to this point.

That is exactly why WekaWeka is found.

No more insensitive crappy copy-writing.

No more injustice for powerful copy-writing.

WekaWeka is found by a person who shifted her career from interior design to business copy-writing.

Have you ever met an interior designer?

Let me tell you some hidden gems :

1. Do you how they survive interior design school? Ultra attention on their clients habit.

It means that they are going to target and close your market sharper and better.

2. They HAVE TO to present a 1 year project in a clear persuasive manner for 2 minutes.

It means that they design highly effective words to influence and impress people.

3.  Always original.

It means that they are never out of crazy, out of this world ideas.

4. They build things for others.

It means that they are used to solve complex problem to meet the reality demands. Not just pure zero execution ideas.

So, in other words, they are exactly what you could ask from a copywriter.

Easy, all you need to do is to give it a chance on the right person and taste the ultimate power of copy-writing.

Retire now with WekaWeka!

Child, Architecture Slaps…

Dear, You are tired.

And will always be.

I know that even death is not an excuse in the Architectural World. You live in so much pain.

Every time mama calls you in your dorm, you are still on your never-ending tasks.

Cutting boards and cutting yourself.

You eat late, you get sick, you sleep late.

And the worst part is even when you had the slightest sleep, you didn’t even sleep on your bed. Your maquette did. Ironic.

Then there you are, sleeping on the floor, curling between those papers and trashes which you have been promising yourself daily to clean up since months ago.

Guess what, Mama knows, it didn’t happen. It will just be your never-ending vicious cycle of messy life. It will stack up until you have no room left for yourself and when the time has come, you will give up with your life.

Remember, you already have enough pain with Architecture. Don’t choke yourself.

Listen, Time is a lavish thing in Architecture, dear.

Don’t sweat the small stuffs, you know you don’t have the time.

You are tired. And will always be.

So, you just do you. Just graduate. Let mama do all the small things instead.

I will feed you, take care of your health, and of course, your room.

I will do it whenever you want me to and I promise, mama will not nag you after.

All you have to do is, install the app now.

Mama knows best,


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