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The Four Key Business Values To Survive 2019

These are the four key business values that will make or break your business in 2019.

The Value of A Customer

How often did you think about your customer? Never? Less than never?

Maybe they are so unforgettable that you only thought on how to get their money out of their pocket all day. Period.

If you still think about your customer that way, it is better for you to keep on reading.

Entrepreneurs tend to get so excited about their products. But actually, it’s their customer who produces them money.

Entrepreneurs go crazy on things that provide more value to themselves. Meanwhile, they provide trashy freebies, sloppy customer service that often create a huge let down towards their customer.

Never underestimate the power of an unsatisfied customer. Things will go down hill when they start bidding low on your NPS and doing their negative-referrals.

But on the other side, do you know what an utterly satisfied customer will do for you? Of course, they’re your number one legit fan. They pay you to tell your greatness to the others. Awesome.

So, no wonder that nowadays, most businesses operate around the Flywheel or community-based marketing. It is due to the bloodbath and the expensiveness of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) that makes retaining is a smart solution to be done.

Being a customer today is better than ever before. Businesses even pay upfront value to hook up or retain a customer. It is all a competition of value right now.

If your business can’t operate based on value today, it will be so hard for you to scale and grow.

The Solution is : Focus on your customer, they are like your wives.  “Give” them what they want, “tell” them what they want to hear, “make” them feel like they are the “only” one.

The Value of An Integration

What happens when you are holding hands with your friend yet you both walk different ways? Yes, you both end up going nowhere.

But, if you head up to towards same direction, you both might have the chance to travel faster.

Just like your business, make all sales channel matters by having a strong integrated funnel. For example, don’t just upload on social media while you left your leads there all hanging. Create your conversion machine. Introduce them to your funnel, or website or blogs, give them irresistible freebies, ask for their opinion. Keep them warm. Close!

Start checking whether there are “leaks” on your integrated sales channels. Better integration leads to a better lead magnate.

Once your business is highly appealing to your customer, sooner or later, they will be your loyal fan.

What does a loyal fan do? They listen to what their idols do, tell, share, and everything. What more could you ask.

Imagine having a pool of them? You’re welcome.

It is basically the concept of The Flywheel Marketing. A continuous cycle of putting your customer on a roller-coaster ride in your Brand.

The Flywheel is possible since the social media has played a huge part of direct marketing towards the market.

So, make sure that your business is sensitive enough to equip itself with the current marketing method that matters.

The Value of A Business Owner

A business is a reflection of its owner, as Dan Lok said so in one of his video. Go check out his channel on YouTube! Or you can check out about him here!

If your business sucks, it means that you suck as a business person. It is a cruel fact. A business can grow as big as its owner.

There’s no such thing as having no time to learn when you are building a company. Usually, business owners start to stop learning once they start establishing the first profit.

They feel like they are good enough.

Just a quick reflect on yourself, what stage is your business on? Do you still need to micro-manage? Or do you need to delegate and focus to see the bigger picture? Are you the actual challenge that the company is facing?

Do you have all the answers? Honestly, I don’t think so. That’s why online learning platform such as Foundr, Udemy and The Great Courses Plus are there for you to learn quick.

The Value of A Team

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.

You can’t be the marketer, the graphic designer, programmer, the social media manager at the same time.

You are the leader, you manage and construct things. Let your team operates.

A winning team creates a winning teamwork. A winning teamwork creates a winning result. The cycle goes on.

Building a team is essential for growing your business in 2019, especially to tackle the social media marketing.

There are so many options of employment that are actually hiring is easier and more flexible than ever. With the possible options of freelancing and working remotely, you can start small in having your team.

Hire freelancers from Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr for best price!

Well those are the 4 keys that you need to get it right in order to survive 2019!

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Discover Why You Should Let Your Current Copywriter Go…

Discover Why You Should Let Your Current Copywriter Go

If you are reading this post, perhaps you’re starting to have some doubts…inside…

“No creative organization will produce a great body of work unless it is led by a formidable individual”-David Ogilvy.

So, basically they suck. Period.

Unless mediocre success is what you are after.

Life is too short for mediocre success.

You can have more, spend more, inspire more, help more, and live a BIG FAT GREAT life!

Imagine all the probability of you RETIRE in Bali RIGHT NOW with your family and dogs. Lovely sun-kissed skin, under the palm tree, drinking Piña colada.

Great isn’t it?

It is not impossible in this era to retire at an early stage of life or succeeded at a young age. The truth is, internet has made lots of billionaire in Indonesia.

By 2018, digital marketers has contributed for billionaires more than ever before.

So, who is making it impossible?

Your current copywriter.

By the time you’re reading this. Guess what?

It turns out that your COMPETITOR is retiring for Bali all day onward and here you are, just dreaming about it!

Copy-writing is a very powerful tool, yet people still delegating it, to the wrong person.

No wonder, you don’t succeed just yet.

You haven’t taste the power of copy-writing.

You are being skeptical to me up to this point.

That is exactly why WekaWeka is found.

No more insensitive crappy copy-writing.

No more injustice for powerful copy-writing.

WekaWeka is found by a person who shifted her career from interior design to business copy-writing.

Have you ever met an interior designer?

Let me tell you some hidden gems :

1. Do you how they survive interior design school? Ultra attention on their clients habit.

It means that they are going to target and close your market sharper and better.

2. They HAVE TO to present a 1 year project in a clear persuasive manner for 2 minutes.

It means that they design highly effective words to influence and impress people.

3.  Always original.

It means that they are never out of crazy, out of this world ideas.

4. They build things for others.

It means that they are used to solve complex problem to meet the reality demands. Not just pure zero execution ideas.

So, in other words, they are exactly what you could ask from a copywriter.

Easy, all you need to do is to give it a chance on the right person and taste the ultimate power of copy-writing.

Retire now with WekaWeka!

Child, Architecture Slaps…

Dear, You are tired.

And will always be.

I know that even death is not an excuse in the Architectural World. You live in so much pain.

Every time mama calls you in your dorm, you are still on your never-ending tasks.

Cutting boards and cutting yourself.

You eat late, you get sick, you sleep late.

And the worst part is even when you had the slightest sleep, you didn’t even sleep on your bed. Your maquette did. Ironic.

Then there you are, sleeping on the floor, curling between those papers and trashes which you have been promising yourself daily to clean up since months ago.

Guess what, Mama knows, it didn’t happen. It will just be your never-ending vicious cycle of messy life. It will stack up until you have no room left for yourself and when the time has come, you will give up with your life.

Remember, you already have enough pain with Architecture. Don’t choke yourself.

Listen, Time is a lavish thing in Architecture, dear.

Don’t sweat the small stuffs, you know you don’t have the time.

You are tired. And will always be.

So, you just do you. Just graduate. Let mama do all the small things instead.

I will feed you, take care of your health, and of course, your room.

I will do it whenever you want me to and I promise, mama will not nag you after.

All you have to do is, install the app now.

Mama knows best,


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